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TX55S is a hydraulic drill rig , including cab , auto rod handling system and dust collector system. It's a high efficiency drill with the characteristic of high reliability, easy operation, and easy maintenance.

Especially suitable for open pit mines and quarries.

Dual rotary motors gear box

  • Mounted with high torque rotation gearbox, 4.5’-5.5’ DTH hammers are recommended. By adjusting the rotary speed and torque to get optimal drilling status, and to adapt to different hardness rocks, keep the best drilling speed.

Auto rod handling system

  • With auto rod handling system can greatly improve the safety and labor intensity of operators, decrease the labor cost. 5 pipes in the carousel can make maximum 24 meter hole, greatly save the auxiliary time.


  • The Spacious cab equipped with hydraulic pilot lever and air conditioner(heat and cool). Noise is lower than 85 dB in the cab, provides comfortable environment for the operator.

Two stage rotary screw rotors compressor

  • Sullivan-Palatek heavy duty 2 stage rotary screw air end, special sealed groove between the female and male rotors, to reduce the gaslefakage from the high pressure to low pressure chamber, ensure highest efficiency for air caps city and discharge pressure.

Dust collector system

  • With cyclone separation and 30m² high quality filters, the high efficiency dust collector system eliminate dust emission for the operator’s safety.

Track system and boom system

  • Heavy duty tracks with superior mobility and safety, Two high torque hydraulic traction motors provide higher traction force for easy movement of difficult terrain, like floating dust, muddle and direst drilling positioning.