• Feature
  • Parameters

Reliable compressed air supply

  • Sullivan-Palatek heavy duty 2 stage rotary screw airend, special sealed groove between the female and male rotor to prevent the possible gas leakagefrom the high pressure to low pressure chamber,ensure the highest efficiency for air capacity anddischarge pressure.

Powerful engine

  • Yuchai diesel engine provide stable power output at lower fuel consumption.

Intelligent control system

  • Sullivan-Palatek patented“synergy” system control, the air supply intelligently and accurately according to actual working condition, reduce the fuel consumption significantly.

Easy maintenance

  • Gull wing service door on side provide easy maintain access to engine, air compressor, hydraulic system and other vital service points.

Dust control

  • High efficiency dust collector system eliminate dust emission for the operator's safety.

Automatic Drill Pipe Handling

  • Efficient and convenient equipment for automatic drill pipe handling not only reduces operating personnel's workload but also improves efficiency and safety performance.